Banquet And Weddings

First Choice for Engagement and Romantic Wedding, and Elite Banquet Meeting


With flexibly partitioned banquet venues and advanced lighting/sound solutions, this banquet hall is ideal for chic events (themed parties, new product launches, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, corporate banquets and romantic outdoor weddings, etc.) with dining arrangements that meet all your needs.

Luxury Banquet Hall

The business facilities are complete, and different kinds of needs can be satisfied with various types of private rooms to be arranged. A variety of conference tables and catering services are also available to create a convenient and private banquet meeting.

No.7 Chien Kuo North Road Sec. 2 Taipei City 104


Free parking service

The wedding guests have free parking for three hours (based on the parking lot availability)

Conference equipment

Provide paper and pens, board-casting equipment, complete conference services, for better conference efficiency and experience. 

Customized Dining

A team of professional chefs customizes Chinese cuisine, offering refreshing pre-dinner snacks, free refilled juice during the banquet, and caring staff at the main table.

Wedding decoration and printing

The reception and the photo area elegantly decorated,  Main tables, chairs, backs, flowers, stage back design, exquisite traffic information maps and electronic guide signs for banquet guest.

Professional Wedding Consultant Team

Professional caring team and consultants team,  Wedding planning, Process and Execution, for your very banquet.

Top audio and video equipment

Provide lighting, audio equipment, wireless microphones, projectors, indoor projection screens and other equipments with the profession help of operators.

Event witness



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